Aircraft Hull & Aircraft Liability

These two fundamental categories for coverages to provide businesses with protection. Appropriate aviation insurance needs to be considered where aircraft’s are used and shouldn not rely on commercial general insurances.  .

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Aircraft Hull Insurance and Aircraft Liability – What are they?

Rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft hull and liability insurance. 

  • Aircraft Hull covers physical damage to an aircraft caused by an accident 
  • Aviation Liability covers any third party liability, including passengers, on board or alighting from an aircraft.


Aircraft Liability and hull insurance doesn’t genrally get covered in standard or commercial liability policies. Therefore, any businesses that use any form of aircraft for business purposes need to acquire Aircraft Liability and Hull Insurance to ensure they are protected.

Aircraft Hull Insurance 

General Liability policies often apply deductibles under the hull section, designed to cover loss of or damage to an aircraft. 

To insure against physical damage, businesses should acquire hull insurance and can consider the following 3 options: 

  • Ground and Flight – Covers damage sustained wilst the aircraft is on the ground or in the air.  This should be noted to include disappearance. 
  • Not in-flight – Specifically covers damage that occurs whilst the aircraft is on the ground, whether stationary or in motion. 
  • Not in motion – Coverage for the aircraft damage whilst the aircraft is grounded and stationary only. 

Aircraft Liability

Thypically covers bodily injuries to passengers and/or third parties, and property damage to third parties.  


Most policies of this nature are arranged on an agreed value basis by the underwriters, in which a fixed value is placed on the aircraft at the begining of the policy. However, you designated specialist can advise on this. 
Our specialists advisers can discuss the process, and you may come across some of the following that maybe considered in your protection requirements: 
  • Ground risk coverage  
  • Non-owned hangars and content coverage 
  • Trip interruption expense coverage
  • Geographic limits
  • Premises medical coverage
  • Spare engines and parts coverage
  • War risk coverage

Your Considerations

  • Value of policy required
  • Use of the aircraft 
  • Experience of pilot, training, history etc


Insure every part, get instant peace of mind and earn extra income at the same time.