Airside, Refuellers & Ground Handlers

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Airside liability is required for any business that sees contractors or workers operate airside. Airside generally means the area of an airport that is restricted – such as aprons, taxiways, runways and really anywhere passed the terminal security gates. 

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Airside Liability Insurance

  • Are you a Contractor?
  • Delivery Company or a Caterer?
  • Anyone that operates Airside at any airport?

If so, you will require airside liability.

Get in excess of £50m airside liability cover now.  Simply send flycovr a quick enquiry and we will assist you in getting this in place quickly at no extra cost. 

Airside generally means the area from which you pass through passport control, including restricted areas such as the runways, taxiways and aprons.

General liability policies will most often exclude these areas due to being high risk and without aviation focused insurers, you may face a gap in/no coverage or be refused to enter ‘Airside’.

Inevitably, airside liability insurance policies need to be higher than your general liability policies and must adhere to specific Airport requirements.

Refuellers & Ground Handlers

If you are a refuelling company, then you must look to cover yourself against damage you might cause to third parties in the course of your business. Through our specialist partners, you can access aircraft refuelling professional liability.

Aviation refuelling liability can be made available for the all parties within the refuelling process:

  • Fuel manufacturer
  • Fuel supplier
  • Refuelling operator

Therefore, legal liability arises out of the sale, handling or distribution of aviation pertroleum products.

Ground Handling is a very complex sector of the industry with the labour intensive nature and the contractual responsibilities are critical in understanding the risk exposures. Similarly to other aviation risks that flycovr are looking to support you on, ground handling policies through our partners cover your legal liability arising out of third party bodily injury and/or property damage.



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