Annual All Shipments Insurance

Cost effective annual policy providing all risk insurance for all your part(s) in transit throughout the year.

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Regularly shipping high-value assets? Airframes or engine teardowns? Transporting major assets such as engines, APU, nacelles, or landing gear components? Then you should consider an annual shipment coverage as a cost-effective solution for managing your risks annually.  

Over recent years many insurance providers have adopted minimum premiums and pushed large rate increases. Combine this with what is traditionally one of the most administratively onerous policies to procure and you can understand why aftermarket service providers are struggling to find cost-effective annual policies as a result. Not anymore.

Flycovr can help streamline access to AI-powered Dynamic Cargo Insurance, delivering an annualized cargo product with a pathway toward system integrations and adjustable policy premiums. Supply chain protection 2.0 is here.

What Is It?

All-risk coverage for goods and merchandise in transit – covering all ATA Chapters:

  • Up to $10M in international conveyance limits and $5M in domestic conveyance limits.
  • No minimum premium.
  • Worldwide territory offering.
  • Door-to-door protection from physical loss or damage—including General Average, loading, and unloading damage, Acts of God, and civil commotion risks.

Who Can Use it?

Small to mid-sized enterprises with a balanced mix of international and domestic transit exposures:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers & More

Risk Appetite

  • Preferred commodities include containerized cargo, manufactured products, equipment, and parts.
  • Coverage for select, hard-to-place risks available.
  • Risks typically outside the Loadsure appetite include inventory and storage, cash & financial instruments, and luxury goods.

Key Benefits

  • Offers a pathway to integration for adjustable premiums—no reporting necessary
  • Empowers Assureds to better understand their risk exposure and provides real-time visibility into business performance
  • Dynamic rating model leverages commodity performance in the transactional space to deliver competitive, sustainable annual premiums
  • Flexible payment terms—annual, quarterly, or monthly
  • Accelerates settlements through an end-to-end automated claims process

Do I need Annual Shipper’s Interest Insurance?

This solution isn’t for everyone but if your organisation is regularly acquiring and transporting high-value assets such as aircraft engines, APU, nacelles or landing gear, then this is a great way to minimize loss and maximise profit. 

Annual shipment policies are typically expensive and administratively onerous to procure and manage/amend during the term. 

Flycovr brings you best-in-class solutions that enable your business not to suffocate it. Thanks to our partner Loadsure you can now access AI-powered Dynamic Insurance, delivering annualized efficiencies with a pathway toward system integrations and adjustable policy premiums.


Insure every part, get instant peace of mind and earn extra income at the same time.