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Flycovr is designed to remove the complexities you face when establishing what insurance your business or organisation needs. We are on hand to answer any questions and if you don’t know what insurance you require, don’t worry, simply get in touch and let Flycovr find the right specialist for you. 

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Flycovr partners with various regulated partners and can help you understand the insurance you may require to remove your risk exposure. 

Aviation and insurance can be very complex, so don’t be surprised if the insurances you require has go through more than one specialist broker or more than one insurer. There are various specialists to advise on detailed and complex areas, and there are different insurance providers that focus their cover on particular or niche areas.

What are you trying to insure? 

Parts & Materials (Rotables, Expendables, Consumables, Major Assets). 

  • AOG/Time Critical 
  • Multiple shipments over a schedule
  • Annual Coverage for any number of shipments
  • Part 145 approved repair stations 
  • All aftermarket service activities 
  • Complete ATA 100 coverage of all parts 

Flycovr can provide you with instant solutions to cover all shipments by road, sea and air. It doesn’t matter if you are the assured or whether you want to offer insurance to customers – Flycovr can support you. 

Read here on our digital insurance solutions. 

  • Do you require one off shipment cover, then no problem, you can get an instant quote here. Get in touch for anything over £2m. 
  • Do you want to cover a multiple number of shipments, or a set schedule, then click here.
  • Do you want to cover all shipments over the course of a year, under a cheaper annual policy, then click here
  • Do you want to cover stock that you are warehousing, or imports and exports of different materials? Then click here.

If you prefer, just get in touch and we can identify the most suitable and cost-effective coverage.

Premises or Place of Work (Hangar, Warehouse, Store, Offices or Working Airside)

Depending on your activity and on your role (for example a contractor) you will face many different liabilities and insurance exposures. 

  • Do you own the premises? 
  • Do you occupy all/part of the premises?
  • Are you the main tenant or general lessee? 

If yes, then you need to establish some sort of liability insurance. The next question is, do you ever have aircrafts or aircraft part(s) that are not owned or operated by you, but are in your care, custody and control. 

If yes, then you require Hangarkeepers Liability

If no, you require Premises Liability 

Potentially a mix of the two. 

If you do not own the premises in which you operate, then we can help you establish what you need as an operator or a contractor. Read our liabilities to understand more or get in touch. 

Products (Products sold, serviced and/or repair for customers)

Do you sell part(s) or provide a service to customers that you owned, maintained, repaired, overhauled or serviced?

If yes – then you require Product Liability 

If no – Do you design, produce, manufacture, repair, alter or supply any part of product?

If yes, then you require Product Liability. 

People (Employees and/or public care) 

Do you Employ any staff? By law you require Employers liability

Do you want to insure again injury to any personnel on your property or by your property? Then you require Public Liability. 

Please feel free to get in touch with Flycovr, and we can help ascertain the right specialists for you to speak to, in order to understand your risk exposures. 

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