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About Flycovr Ltd

No, flycovr Ltd, is an independent platform that is not regulated to advise on insurance by the Financial Conduct Authority. flycovr acts as an introducer and connects customers with regulated advisers specific to your needs.

flycovr Ltd can obtain customer information and provide access to insurance products if the information is deemed suitable for that area of specialism for that regulated insurance adviser. 

Under Chapter 5, of The Perimeter Guidance manual, within the FCA Handbook, flycovr Ltd operates as an introducer or referrer, enabling the provision of information about a potential policyholder to a relevant insurer or an insurance intermediary. Our regulated and specialist broker partners will organise and underwrite all insurance policies. flycovr Ltd does not provide or underwrite the insurance products purchased.

flycovr Ltd will have to provide the information provided by our customers to insurance advisers to be able to get you the correct advice required for the desired insurance products. flycovr Ltd will not pass your information onto any other entities other than registered insurance providers within the flycovr network. 

flycovr is here to support the global aviation supply chain. Our platform and efforts are provided totally free of charge to our customers. We provide access to insurance products and for that solution, we charge the insurance brokers themselves. They pay us an introductory fee on all insurances purchased through them. This varies from insurer to insurer; however, our services are only paid for once a suitable, sustainable, and affordable solution has been purchased by a customer. 

Digital Insurance Specifically:

The answer is yes if you want to better protect against loss. And avoid exclusions. 

Yes, if you want to have something that acts like spike/gap insurance, increasing limits—and in real-time.

Yes, if you want to be paid for the full invoice value of your load if you want the certificate holder in a “First Party Position” during the claims process, and if you want to protect against many threats not covered by carrier liability policies (too common to list here).

The purchase of Loadsure’s All Risk Policy is simple and quick; it takes 40 seconds or less on Loadsure’s self-service portal, and coverage can be automated or purchased in one click through custom integrations and third-party platforms. 

Loadsure’s policy covers U.S freight shipped domestically and internationally.
Loadsure was established in 2018 by a number of industry experts in both the North American transportation and insurance markets.

Loadsure only uses “A” rated security to ensure a world-class insurance product. 

Loadsure is an approved Lloyd’s of London Cover holder, which is currently underwritten by various syndicates at Lloyd’s.

Lloyd’s of London is the world’s largest specialist insurance market with its origin dating back more than 330 years.

Loadsure is a product which is offered and sold by Ursus Insurance Services, a producer entity licensed in all 50 states. Loadsure is also authorised and regulated by the FCA. 

Loadsure make the claims process simple and straightforward so you can be compensated for your loss without delay. In the unfortunate event of loss or damage to your goods which may involve a claim under this contract, immediate notice of such loss or damage should be provided to Loadsure as soon as possible so that we can act to assist you straight away. 

A new claim can be reported by any of the following options: 

1. To enable claims to be dealt with promptly, you or your agents are required to complete Loadsure’s electronic First Notice of Loss (EFNOL) form. Loadsure’s EFNOL can be found by logging in via Loadsure.net or Loadsure’s partner portal. 

Following completion of the EFNOL, you will receive a notification from Loadsure to advise you of your unique claim reference number. A Loadsure agent will also advise whether a survey will be necessary to deliver helpful advice and determine whether further information and documentation are required to process your claim. If a survey is necessary, a Loadsure agent will make arrangements for the same through their local agent/ surveyor. 

2. Call a Loadsure claims representative directly on the toll-free number +1 855-479-2069 or send an email to loadsure@wkwebster.com. 

Documentation: To enable claims to be dealt with promptly, you or your agents are required to complete Loadsure’s electronic First Notice of Loss (EFNOL) form as per the above instruction, including submitting the following supporting documentation where necessary: 

  • Commercial invoice 
  • Packing list, if applicable 
  • Original bill of lading and/or consignment note and/or other documentation evidencing the contract of carriage 
  • Delivery receipts 
  • Police report, if applicable 
  • Fire report, if applicable 
  • Photographic evidence of your loss

Most claims will be settled and paid to you within days or even minutes, but as we all know, some claims can be complex and require further investigation. In these difficult cases, the final settlement may be slightly longer to enable all claims agents to fully assess and reconcile your claims payment.

Claim settlements will be processed by Loadsure’s agent, WK Webster. Payments can be received either through ACH or Electronic Check through Loadsure’s instant payment system. 

As Loadsure provide instant coverage, Loadsure’s policy is non-cancellable once purchased. 

The following cargo interests are excluded under this contract and will not be covered:  

  • Excluding all other classes of business plus the following cargo interests and as per Loadsure FAQ’s Insurance Terms and Conditions Wording 
  • Cash & Financial Instruments: Documents, negotiable documents or instruments, monies of every description, securities, bonds, bullion, stamps, credit and debit cards, including telephone calling cards 
  • Temperature-Controlled products: Pharmaceuticals (other than FDA approved ‘over-the-counter’ pharmaceuticals which are not excluded), nutraceuticals (other than FDA approved ‘over-the-counter nutraceuticals which are not excluded), and narcotics/ narcotic-based substances, including but not limited to marijuana, CBD, and THC 
  • Luxury goods: Furs, precious stones, jewellery, high-value watches, perfumes, antiques and art, tobacco, or tobacco products 
  • Tech goods: Digital cameras, microchips, motherboards and/or memory of any kind which is not part of a complete system, mobile telephones, components, parts and accessories, digital camera photo sticks 
  • Live animals /plants: International transport of living creatures and life forms of any type and the domestic transport of non-livestock 
  • Other: Satellites, nuclear fuel, explosives, firearms, and ammunition

Loadsure’s policy excludes loss or damage, or expense caused by or resulting from:  

  • Ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume of the Subject Matter Insured 
  • Ordinary wear and tear of the Subject Matter Insured 
  • Inherent vice or the nature of the Subject Matter Insured 
  • Contamination of the Subject Matter Insured unless as a direct result of a peril insured against 
  • Delay


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