Instant Insurance for FSL Customers

All-risk cargo insurance quote in seconds. Any aircraft part(s) to anywhere in the world by road, air or sea. Pay-as-you-go coverage for the shipments you want when you need it.

Insure now and get instant peace of mind! 

  • Instant international cover up to $2m 
  • Most competitive rates on the market 
  • All-risk door-to-door cover 
  • Automated claims – no more laborious processes!
Secure your cargo with all-risk coverage. Insurance includes loss of damage from Acts of God, theft, handling (and more). 

Certificate and T&C’s in just seconds along with automated claims processes should something go wrong. 

Traditionally all-risk coverage for one-off shipments has been a bad fit for insurance brokers and too administratively onerous and expensive for businesses. The result – 60-90% of loads today are underinsured or not insured at all.

flycovr exclusively offers the aviation industry standalone, all-risk goods in transit coverage for up to $2m via our partner Loadsure. Coverage can be bought in as little as 40 seconds or less. No more unnecessary risks, onerous administration, or delays. 

What Is It?

  • A-rated, all-risk coverage for goods and merchandise in transit.
  • Up to $2M in domestic & international single conveyance limits – automated solutions.
  • Up to $100,000 in domestic & international coverage for LTL shipments.
  • High-value load shipments available (higher than $3m), subject to underwriting review, pricing, and terms.
  • Door-to-door protection from physical loss or damage including General Average, loading/ unloading damage, Acts of God, and civil commotion risks.

Who Can Use it?

All logistics providers across the aviation supply worldwide including:

  • Logistics Providers
  • Freight Brokers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • NVOCCs (Non-vessel operating common carrier)
  • Shippers

Risk Appetite

We can arrange cover for any consignment across all commodity codes including HAZMAT.

  • Preferred commodities and aircraft parts include containerized cargo, manufactured products, and equipment.
  • Coverage for select hard-to-place risks available on demand.
  • Risks typically outside the Loadsure appetite include inventory and storage, cash & financial instruments, and luxury goods.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers instant pricing through our Loadsure Portal and API integration.
  • Can provide API integration directly to our partners.
  • Brokers can generate quotes in seconds and Assureds can bind shipments and pay premiums directly.
  • Supports brokers in renewing and recouping premiums over time and with ease.
  • Accelerates settlements through an end-to-end automated claims process.

Do I need All-Risk Cargo Coverage?

If you want to better protect your business against loss, then yes. In the event of a loss, most policies will only recover a fraction of the full consignment value damaging your bottom line and potentially souring customer relations. Why take the risk?

Flycovr strives for a better more sustainable aviation supply chain for everyone by making comprehensive all-risk insurance a no-brainer for all2


Insure every part, get instant peace of mind and earn extra income at the same time.