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Beating competition through:

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flycovr brings you the most advanced global cargo insurance solution. 

Through our partner Loadsure, we can provide you access to lightning-fast, all-risk, per-load smart coverage with automated claims to all traders across the global supply chain, freight forwarders and logistic providers and all shippers and carriers. 

Buy the cover you need, in just 40 seconds or less. 

Applicable to all corners of the global supply chain, we offer digital solutions for freight insurance. Whether rotables, expendable, consumable items or major assets, we can bring you all-risk global cover in minutes. 

How Does this apply to you? 

Service Providers

Apply all-risk solutions to your critical parts in transit, all your warehoused stock or parts in which you are repairing. As a partner of flycovr, you can cover your own business or incorporate it into your own service and create an extra income stream through flycovr.

Freight forwarders or Logistics

Flycovr can be a value added service by providing your customers with all-risk global insurance cover. This can be incorporated into your service, or offered to your customers – both providing you with an extra income stream.


Open API’s with our partners enables us to provide all risk cover at the click of a button. Speak to us now and find out how we can create an added benefit to your platform, and create an extra income stream. Full embedded journey or simple URL link available.

Not just one shipment solutions: 

Instant Cargo Cover: Any aircraft part(s) to anywhere in the world. Insure it with a one-off policy, with lightning fast, all-risk, per-load smart insurance solution.

Multiple Shipments: Also known as Shipper’s Interest covers multiple shipments with one policy. Multiple parts, multiple shipments but one instant insurance policy.

Annual Shipment Cover: Cost-effective policy resulting in all-risk insurance for all your part(s) in transit throughout the year.

Stock Cover with Cargo: Avoid a patchwork of policies with one annual insurance cover that protects all part(s) in transit or at named storage facilities throughout the year.

Unique Cover:

  • All-risk, domestic and international coverage in 40 seconds or less
  • Lower rates than the competition through real-time data, machine learning, and automation
  • Automated claims and nearinstant financial recovery—with payments in minutes on average
  • Born digital—faster, reliable, highly accessible and responsive
  • Deep supply chain and insurance industry expertise means we know your customers’ business—giving them the innovative solutions they’ll need, now and into the future

Access to Loadsure through flycovr:

  • Easy to use—accessible from anywhere, and from any device
  • Best rates, broadest coverage—all in less than 40 seconds
  • Fastest settlements—in days, even minutes

Beating Competition:

Availability. Speed. Price.

The insurance industry’s reliance on traditional models has driven increasing liabilities, lower profitability, and market exits. 

The result: Per-load cargo insurance has become more restrictive and more expensive for the businesses who need it. Conversely, our partners real-time solution delivers sustainable, responsive insurance to the aviation industry.

Did you know? 

Without solutions such as this, you have to prove your carrier is negligent for their policy to pay. If any of the following happen – you are most likely out of luck. 

  • Loss or damage following an Act of God – such as wind or rain.
  • Loss or damage during loading or unloading of the aircraft parts
  • Theft resulting from unattended vehicles 
  • Theft from employees

The carriers insurance will most likely only settle your claim based on a tariff, where you will receive a percentage of the total value of the shipment. Certainly not full value. 

  • Products through our partner at Loadsure are full value policies with a Basis of Valuation (BOV) of Invoice Cost.  All our partners solutions come with transparent explanation around coverage of the full invoice value.  

Exclusions are standard in normal carrier policies and often buried in the small print. 

  • Have you ever checked the policies, done the due diligence on your cover. Carriers policies protect the carrier, they are not designed to protect you. 

Carrier insurance policies do lapse – leaving you without any coverage at all. 

Did you know insurance companies have 30 days to notify certificate holders that a policy has lapsed or was cancelled? 

And, in the age of COVID, timely notifications are an even greater challenge. With Loadsure, you know you’re covered. 


Insure every part, get instant peace of mind and earn extra income at the same time.