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Supporting PartsBase Customers 

Are you concerned around any risk exposures? 

Please contact Flycovr for access to any insurance solutions that you may require. Flycovr have a carefully curated panel of aviation specific global insurance providers. Our primary product offering is to cover your shipments instantly. You can cover any parts instantly via the link above. 

Equally, please feel free to browse our product offerings, fill out any enquiry form, or simply get in touch and we can help you access the specialists you need. 

Smart Shipment Cover – Full ATA Chapter Coverage 

Transactional, all-risk, smart cargo insurance in 40 seconds or less. Dynamic pricing and automated claims. 

Time Sensitive – No Delays

  • Live AOG? 
  • Managing a shipment on behalf of your customer?
  • Return from a repair station?

Whatever your need, there is now an insurance solution that moves as fast as you do. 

Traditionally all-risk coverage for one-off shipments has been considered too onerous for insurance brokers and too time-consuming and expensive for businesses. The result – 60-90% of loads in transit today are underinsured or not insured at all.

Through our partner Loadsure, we exclusively offer standalone, all-risk goods in transit coverage for up to $2m in 40 seconds or less. No more unnecessary risks, labour-intensive admin or delays.

Reduce your admin and costs by choosing shipment protection when you want it. Total control, total protection.

What Is It?

  • A-rated, all-risk coverage for goods and merchandise in transit.
  • Up to $2M in domestic & international single conveyance limits – automated solutions.
  • Up to $100,000 in domestic & international coverage for LTL shipments.
  • High-value load shipments available (higher than $2m), subject to underwriting review, pricing, and terms.
  • Door-to-door protection from physical loss or damage including General Average, loading/ unloading damage, Acts of God, and civil commotion risks.

Who Can Use it?

OEM, operator, and aftermarket service providers worldwide including:

  • MROs
  • Repair Stations
  • Parts Traders
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Airline Operators
  • Aircraft Lessors
  • OEMs

Risk Appetite

We can arrange cover for any parts across all ATA Chapters.

  • Preferred commodities and aircraft parts include containerized cargo, manufactured products, and equipment.
  • Coverage for select hard-to-place risks available on demand.
  • Risks typically outside the Loadsure appetite include inventory and storage, cash & financial instruments and luxury goods.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers instant pricing through our Loadsure Portal and API integration.
  • Can provide API integration directly to our partners.
  • Brokers can generate quotes in seconds and Assureds can bind shipments and pay premiums directly.
  • Supports brokers in renewing and recouping premiums over time and with ease.
  • Accelerates settlements through an end-to-end automated claims process.

Do I need All-risk Insurance?

If you want to better protect your business against loss, then the short answer is yes. Think your carrier’s liability policy protects you from cargo loss? Think again. In the event of a loss, and only after successfully proving your carrier negligent, most policies will only restore a fraction of the full consignment value.

Additionally, losses because of under-insured or uninsured shipments ultimately only serve to drive costs up across the entire aviation supply chain. A bad thing for everyone.

Flycovr strives for a better more sustainable aviation supply chain for everyone through access to enhanced information, and better products that deliver “First Party Position” protection from trusted partners, on demand. So why take the risk at all?

Do I need All-risk Insurance?

FLycovr Ltd are not a regulated insurance entity and don’t offer advice. We are an independent and impartial platform that supports the aviation industry with access to specialist and regulated insurance solutions suitable for our industry.

All our insurance partners are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority and all terms and conditions, along with policy information, will be provided before any purchase. 


Insure every part, get instant peace of mind and earn extra income at the same time.