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Shippers Interest

The post pandemic environment is more competitive than ever and with more and more freight forwarder start-ups entering the market, it is more important than ever to become a more attractive shipper.

The term freight forwarding or being a freight forwarder, is a ole that encompasses a broad spectrum of services. One of the fastest growing industries is Logistics and Freight forwarding, and this includes logistics, supply chain and the transportation and warehousing of goods worldwide.

We are working with our freight forwarder partners, to assist them in becoming a one-stop hub for all direct or indirect carrier and transportation intermediary activity. To achieve this, we believe the carrier must have the option to offer “All-Risk” cargo and warehouse insurance coverage to their clients and prospects.

Net Generation Shippers interest:

A digital approach to a tried-and-true insurance product, you can gain access to dynamic shippers’ insurance through our partners next-generation shipper’s interest program.

Previous hurdles of set limits, fixed commodity rates and labour-intensive information gathering have driven up shippers’ interest premiums for years. Until now. Through Supplysure, you can access AI powered shipper’s interest insurance, empowering freight and logistics businesses to instantly and cost effectively protect every shipment – all with the predictability of a fixed rating model.

What is it?

  • A-rated, all-risk coverage for aircraft parts in transit
  • Up to $2M in international and domestic conveyance limits via the digital system
  • Specialty shipments of highvalue goods up to $5M, subject to underwriting review, pricing, & terms
  • Referrals for high-value shipments can be expedited when advance copies of carrier contracts, highvalue protocols, and standard operating procedures are on file with underwriting

Who can use it?

  • Target Classes Larger clients with net annual premium of $75,000+ and/or 25+ shipments per month, as well as a balanced mix of international and domestic transit exposures:
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Shippers
  • NVOCCs
  • Freight Boards
  • Logistic Companies & More


Risk Appetite

  • Preferred commodities include containerized cargoes, manufactured products, and equipment and parts
  • Coverage for select, hard-to-place risks available
  • Risks typically outside the Loadsure appetite include inventory and storage, cash and financial instruments, bulk shipments, live animals, prescription pharmaceuticals, and luxury goods


Key Benefits

Assureds can bind shipments and pay premiums directly from broker-generated quotes
More accurately prices risk for competitive, sustainable premiums

  • Automatically adjusts premiums and delivers real savings back to assureds


Insure every part, get instant peace of mind and earn extra income at the same time.