Stock Throughput Insurance

A single worldwide policy providing “all risks” coverage for cargo and inventory anywhere in the world. Anywhere. Anytime. All risks. 

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Flexible stock throughput insurance – in just minutes. 

It is very common for a business to assemble a patchwork of policies, inadvertently creating gaps and exposing elements of the business and duplicating costs. Certainly, it is not uncommon that we see annual insurance costs far higher than they need to be.

Cargo and Stock Throughput Insurance resolves these challenges by delivering cost-effective, end-to-end protection for aviation-specific parts and specifications – all the way from sourcing the raw materials, to repairing and delivery of the finished product.

What Is It?

Traditionally a marine policy, we have an exclusive partnership offering insurance for the aviation supply chain. The policy insures a company’s inventory and the flow of goods from the source of production to its final destination.

Our digital solution offers the following in minutes:

  • All-risk coverage for goods and merchandise while in transit or at a named storage facility
  • Up to $10M in international conveyance limits and $5M in domestic
  • Up to $10M in limits for named storage locations, including coverage for catastrophic perils
  • Worldwide territory offering
  • No minimum premium
  • Door-to-door protection from physical loss or damage—including Acts of God, loading damage, flooding, fire, roof collapse and theft

Higher value policies are very common and can be arranged through our regulated partners, however, please get in touch as the underwriters will require a little more information.

Who Can Use It?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and well-established mid to large-sized aftermarket service providers worldwide:

  • OEMs
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors

Risk Appetite

We can arrange cover for any components across all ATA Chapters and commodity codes:

  • Preferred commodities and aircraft parts include containerized cargoes, manufactured products, and equipment
  • Coverage for select hard-to-place risks available
  • Risks typically outside the Loadsure appetite include inventory and storage, cash & financial instruments, bulk shipments, and luxury goods

Key Benefits

  • Real-time visibility into account performance
  • Competitive premiums are driven by a dynamic rating model
  • Accelerated settlements through an end-to-end automated claims process
  • Flexible payment terms—annual, quarterly, or monthly
  • Loss control services available
  • Extra capacity for the real property structure 
  • Better use of property market capacity.
  • Providing additional capacity for catastrophe perils.
  • Lower deductibles and minimal % of value deductible.
  • Flexible product, utilised on a standalone basis, a dual cover basis, an excess basis or as reinsurance support.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase a separate, standalone cargo policy.


Insure every part, get instant peace of mind and earn extra income at the same time.