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Protecting your business should be at the forefront of every decision you make. Sadly, insurance is often an afterthought or overlooked entirely due to a lack of understanding or access to cost effective products in a timely manner. 

Commercial aviation risk exposures are traditionally complex, expensive, and administratively onerous to cover. In a fast paced industry such as aviation, business doesn’t wait. Claims due to under-insurance or a lack or insurance altogether drive up costs across the whole supply chain.

That’s why we have launched Flycovr – the first aviation insurance marketplace. Our mission? To create a more sustainable supply chain by redefining how insurance is bought and sold in our industry. Insurance at the forefront, not an afterthought.

Flycovr are entirely independent and impartial; we do not ourselves advise on insurance solutions. Instead, we provide access to unrivalled information and innovative, aviation-specific, solutions that deliver sustainable and responsive insurance to mitigate your risks.

Our extensive aviation supply chain expertise combined with a background in regulated activities has enabled us to curate a panel of regulated insurance brokers. Each carefully selected based on their expertise in specific aviation risks and ability to ensure that you can quickly access the right coverages for your business when you need them.

Supporting the global aviation supply chain

In depth supply chain knowledge, acknowledging various requirements and risk exposures.

Claims due to underinsurance drive up costs across global supply chain.

Insurance is an afterthought, overlooked entirely due to access, costs or time.

Commercial aviation risk is traditionally complex, expensive, and onerous..

Until now, flycovr – aviation’s first insurance marketplace!

Our mission: create a more sustainable supply chain by redefining how insurance is bought and sold.

Insurance at the forefront. Not an afterthought.

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  • A value added service to platforms, traders and e-commerce
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How does it work?

Instant pricing through custom API integrations with products dynamically matched to your cargo’s unique specifications.

This enables A-rated all-risk, smart coverage in 40 seconds or less through our regulated partner.

The simplest cargo insurance solution on the market that provides instant peace of min

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"Hundreds of thousands of underinsured aircraft parts are shipped around the world everyday!"